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Construction of OQ Social Centers

Jusoor is a social investment foundation founded by Orpic, Sohar Aluminum and Vale. It promotes initiatives that lead to sustainable socio-economic development for the communities it operates at, with an objective of contributing to the reputational value for founding companies. It is a true and genuine commitment of these founding companies on corporate social responsibility.

Orpic Social Centers is a social project funded solely by Orpic and operated by Jusoor Foundation. The project is all about developing 4 Social Centers in 4 different plots, Majees North, Majees Middle, Majees South and Al Khuwayriyyah.

Each center in these geographical areas will be developed separately with different scopes. The objectives of the project are:

(1) to strengthen the social relationship and social bonding within the community

(2) to motivate the community to adopt useful and constructive activities that promote the right citizenship and proper behavior.

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