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Development of Al Qurum Park Shinas-North Governorate

The Al Qurum Park Development Project in Shinas is a social project funded by Orpic and Sohar Aluminum operated by Jusoor Foundation. The project is all about developing an area of 28,570Sq. M., which is the total area of the plot. the project has many sections to be developed:

  1. Development and construction of the following:
    • Facilities: Bathrooms, Investment Facilities and Public Toilets
    • Buildings and facilities: Main Gate & Guard, Security Room, Walkways, Shaded Sitting Area and Lighting.
  2. Designing aesthetic landscaping with different sections.
  3. Building concrete Bird Watching Platform and bridge of the creek.
  4. Building kids playing area (compound playground).
  5. Constructing barbecue areas.

Objective of the project:

  • To create a recreational spot for the community and young generation.
  • To provide a good space or the families in the area to spend their good time.
  • To motivate the community to adopt useful and constructive activities that promote the right citizenship and proper behavior.

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